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Affiliates Program

What is the Liv & Leo affiliates program?
The Liv & Leo affiliate program offers other website owners/bloggers to refer people from their website /blog to a Liv & Leo products and earn a 10% commission of the sales.
By using a specially coded link (an affiliate link) that can be generated in your affiliate’s account our system can track back from where the referral was coming.

Why become an affiliate of Liv & Leo?
The best thing about Liv & Leo affiliates is that we do all the work for you – shipping, returns, customer service etc. and you earn a commission by just referring customers to us! This is a perfect and quick way when you just started out as a blogger and want to make money with your blog!
Being a Liv & Leo affiliate also allows you to share a great resource with your readers. Write a little blog post about Liv & Leo and people will even more likely click the referral link to check out the actual product. Please contact us for information!

Who earns the commission?
The affiliate link that’s clicked immediately before a purchase gets the credit.

How can I track the links which my visitor visits from my website and make the purchase?
You can login to your Liv & Leo affiliate dashboard to see all those stats. Please sign up for your account today!